About Us

Domino Servite College

 Our Aims

The core values of the College are based on the Word of God and will provide the framework for all aspects of the school community.

Domino Servite College aims to:

  • Assist parents in equipping their children to lead effective, God-glorifying lives as Christians.
  • Develop the spiritual, social, physical and academic potential of each student
  • Give recognition and approval of attainment and pursuit of excellence in each sphere of a student’s endeavours
  • Have staff committed to the Christian faith
  • Establish an environment characterised by faith, hope, love, joy, peace and service
  • Encourage a respectful attitude in students towards others
  • Provide curriculum delivered with a Christian perspective and worldview
  • Foster a cooperative and beneficial relationship between students, families, teachers, church, and the wider community.

Mission and Vision

Domino Servite College is committed to creating a Christian-based environment wherein all learners are encouraged to demonstrate respect and responsible citizenship, academic excellence and Bible-based moral values. The College’s mantra Serving with Integrity provides a framework in which teachers and students commit to acting in respect and service to one another and God.

The Domino Servite College community endeavours to provide an educational program that assists all learners in developing their God-given potential in all areas of life. Students are encouraged to realise and pursue their purpose in life, strive to achieve academic excellence, and fulfil their role in society with excellence and integrity.