Curriculum Framework

Curriculum Framework

Curriculum Planning

The National Australian Curriculum informs the content and direction of the Domino Servite College learning program. The skills, general capabilities and cross-curriculum priorities are explicitly planned for and taught within teaching programs across all year levels. The values and vision of Domino Service College underpin the teaching and learning interactions that occur in the everyday classroom. These values are modelled by teachers and staff members in day-to-day interactions with students.

Assessment, in its diverse forms, is highly valued in Domino Servite teaching programs. Assessment is integrated into all learning programs providing ongoing and relevant feedback of learning. Assessment comprises of diagnostic, formative, and summative practices in order to gauge the effectiveness of teaching and learning. Student learning is assessed against the achievement outcomes of the Australian Curriculum. This information is communicated to parents in terms two and four as a formal written report.

Staff meet regularly to plan and reflect on teaching and learning programs. Three levels of curriculum planning are implemented as outlined in Table 1.

Whole School Approach Year Level Scope and Sequence Unit Planning and Overviews
School vision and aims Subject choice Support and communicate the school's vision and aims
Curriculum School-wide implementation Aligned to Australian Curriculum
Pedagogy Across grade curriculum continua Reflect school-wide pedagogy