Supportive Classroom Environment

Supportive Classroom Environment

Domino Servite College recognises that the classroom environment is crucial to students’ emotional, physical, and academic development. A supportive classroom environment encompasses:

A) Student Direction

  • Student's voice is heard and valued
  • Students are given ample opportunity to work as a group on investigative projects of interest to them
  • Students are regularly guided to reflect on learning activities, learning progress and current school issues

B) Social Support

  • Aligned to the vision of Domino Servite College, the learning environment supports mutual respect and support between staff and students
  • Students serve one another, teaching staff, and the broader community with Integrity
  • Teachers serve one another, students, and the broader community with integrity

C) Self-Regulation

  • Students are encouraged to develop self-regulatory behaviours in the following ways:
    • Taking initiative of one’s learning
    • Showing initiative in classroom structures and routines
    • Showing initiative in service to others