Intellectual Quality

Intellectual Quality

Teachers at Domino Servite College will commit and strive for academic excellence from all learners in all learning areas. Academic excellence encompasses, but is not limited to, the following actions:

A) Incorporating higher-order thinking in teaching and pedagogy:

  • Using deep questions to prompt metacognition
  • Encouraging students to engage in critical analysis of learning content
  • Using metalanguage throughout instruction

B) Fostering substantive conversation:

  • Recognising that discourse is reciprocal, allowing students to formulate their own understanding of content
  • Encouraging dialogue that allows students to extend and share knowledge
  • Promoting discourse as a meant for logical extension and synthesis of ideas and knowledge – between students and teacher
  • Fostering conversation as a means to exchange ideas, consequently leading to the development of knowledge and new/creative thought processes

C) Assessment for Learning

  • Assessment plays a crucial role in student learning. Assessment presents opportunity for students to demonstrate their understanding or expose learning gaps. Likewise, assessment is used to provide teachers with relevant and comprehensive feedback of learning progress. Consequently, assessment allows teachers to make strategic changes to the learning program or teaching approaches. Three levels of assessment are employed:
  • Diagnostic assessment is used to provide an understanding of students’ current knowledge. Teachers use diagnostic assessment results judiciously to inform planning and teaching.
  • Formative assessment is used to provide ongoing feedback to students about their progress. Formative assessment may occur in formal tasks such as portfolios or quizzes. Formative assessment may also occur informally through teacher questioning, class discussion, or teacher observation. Teachers use this feedback to guide lesson instruction or learning directions.
  • Summative assessment is used provide overall feedback on a learning topic or unit. Summative assessment is used to assess the overall effectiveness of learning and teaching at the close of a unit. Likewise, assessment is used between year levels to ensure continuity in learning.
  • NAPLAN: Students at Domino Servite College will participate in the yearly National Assessment Program as stipulated by the Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority.