Recognition of Difference

‌Recognition of Difference‌

A) Cultural Knowledge

Domino Servite College recognises and celebrates the cultural diversity of its students. Students are given the opportunity to share their cultural experiences and backgrounds throughout all curriculum areas. Teachers take an interest in students’ culture by extending their cultural knowledge as the need presents itself.


B) Inclusivity

  • Deliberate attempts are made to ensure students from diverse backgrounds are actively engaged in learning.
  • Alternative programs and support are made available for students with specific learning needs. Teachers will show sensitivity and care to ensure an equal and equitable education to all students.

C) Active Citizenship

Students at Domino Servite College are encouraged to be active and creative citizens within the classroom and broader community. Students recognise that all individuals have a right to participate in society. Within the classroom the principle of active citizenship involves:

  • Teacher outlines the rights and responsibilities of students in accordance with Domino Servite College’s aims and policies
  • Students demonstrate initiative in solving classroom or school-wide issues
  • Students actively respond to school-wide or community issues
  • Students discuss and propose solutions to world issues, contributing solutions as opportunities arise