Junior Years Rationale

Junior Years Rationale

Vision of Learning

Junior Primary Years at Domino Servite College will:

  • Seek to impart an awe of God and God’s purposes in everyday life
  • Create a curiosity for everyday phenomena
  • Seek to provide a solid learning foundation through the delivery of an engaging curriculum
  • Provide a context in which students feel understood, supported, loved, and encouraged
  • Provide an environment in which students are active constructors of knowledge, through guided inquiry, hands-on discovery, and personalised learning experiences


Educational Outcomes

Early Years Curriculum at Domino Servite College:

  • Develop respect to God, teachers, parents, and oneself
  • Develop learning habits to provide a foundation for future schooling
  • Provide students with essential literacy and numeracy skills
  • Provide a growing a sense of belonging and responsibility to participate in their world
  • Provide the capacity to view their world creatively and critically
  • Develop the capacity to be continuous and successful learners in an ever-changing world