Primary Years Rationale

Primary Years Rationale‌

Grade 4 -  Grade 6

Vision of Learning

Primary years at Domino Servite College seek to:

  • Encourage students to see God’s purpose for their lives
  • Provide a learning environment in which students feel understood, supported, and encouraged by teaching staff
  • Teach students to Serve with Integrity; embracing both service to God and to the community
  • Value learners, student voice, collaboration and reflection
  • Relate learning to everyday life by providing meaningful learning programs

Educational Outcomes

of the primary years at Domino Servite College:

  • Develop respect to God, teachers, parents, and oneself
  • Serve God and the community through the gifts learners have been given
  • Develop students’ growing appreciation and interest in everyday phenomena
  • To build on students’ curiosity in order to engage students in learning programs
  • Develop effective learning habits
  • Prepare students for successful learning in middle years