The curriculum focus for the Primary Years (4-6) is to:

  • Enable students to investigate and understand God’s purpose for their lives.

  • Provide a learning environment where each student feels understood, supported, valued and encouraged by teaching staff. 

  • Expose students to the concept of, “Serving with Integrity” as a principle for living which embraces both serving God and others and serving within the student’s family, school, church and local community contexts.

  •  Include and facilitate students as active participants within and contributors to each curriculum context through personal reflection, collaborative learning and enquiry based learning approaches.

  • Relate student learning to everyday life and contemporary issues together with their own personal interests and experiences.

The curriculum outcome is for each student in the Primary Years (4-6) is to:

  • Develop respect for God, teachers, parents, fellow students and oneself.

  • Value the importance of learning and the opportunity to be a successful learner at Domino Servite College.

  • Develop learning skills, attitudes and personal disciplines that will provide a basis for success throughout the learning experience at Domino Servite College and beyond.  

  • Acquire the learning skills and knowledge to be an effective, self-motivated, independent learner who can utilize learning technologies with competence, wisdom and responsibility.  

  • Appreciate their personal worth and importance to God and to others.    

  • Become an active contributor within the College environment by serving others

  • Deepen and develop their thinking skills as creative and critical thinkers, who respect the contribution of others who assist their learning.

  • Develop their areas of interest, creativity and God-given abilities

In the Primary Years (4-6), students at Domino Servite College undertake a learning programme made up of:

  • English

  • Mathematics

  • Design Technology

  • Science

  • Civics and Citizenship

  • Geography

  • History

  • Language Studies (German)

  • Physical Education

  • Community Service

  • Art

  • Christian Living

  • Music 

  • Choir