In the Senior Years  (10-12) the curriculum focus is to:

  • Challenge students towards a life-long commitment of personal faith in God and participation in the work of God locally and internationally.

  • Provide a learning environment where each student feels understood, supported, valued and encouraged by teaching staff.

  • Assist students in their personal development towards the fulfilment of the life-goals that they have embraced for their future.

  • Provide opportunities for Senior Level students to implement, “Serving with Integrity” within the College context and beyond.

  • Include and facilitate students as active participants within and contributors to each curriculum context whose contribution to the learning process is valued

  • Further equip and prepare students for the challenges of higher levels of thinking and learning in preparation for tertiary studies and employment.


The curriculum outcome for students in the Senior Years (10-12) is for each student to:

  • Understand their God-given gifts and abilities with the desire to use them in God’s service and for the benefit of others.

  • Demonstrate that they have the learning skills, attitudes and personal disciplines to enable them to be successful learners in the Senior Levels of College study.

  • Acquire an awareness of their opportunity to be a positive influence on others with the Christ-like leadership skills of a servant-leader.

  • Develop a sound basis of Christian morality and values to guide them in ethical actions and responsible citizenship.

  • Clarify their life-direction and be equipped to move in the direction of their interest and ability prayerfully and faithfully, in obedience to God.

In the Senior Years, students at Domino Servite College undertake a learning programme that 

  • Satisfies the requirements of the Australian Curriculum Framework and the South Australian Certificate of Education

  • Accommodates their study interest

  • Is personalised to reflect individual student skills and abilities

  • Equips each student with the necessary learning experiences to assist them in preparation for and transition to their chosen post-secondary pathway to employment or tertiary study. 

Study programmes for secondary students include College-based subjects and access to extended curriculum options available through the South Australian Open Access College.