Enrolment at Domino Servite College is invited for students from families that share the vision of a Christian education, where Christian values are embraced and a biblical worldview perspective is promoted. For such students, Domino Servite College seeks to provide a happy learning environment, where each student can flourish in their personal development, their academic achievement and in their spiritual growth. 


To enable a student to be part of this learning environment, parents are encouraged to make contact with the College on 8389 4255 to arrange a tour of the College and to meet the Principal.


The enrolment process at Domino Servite College involves two stages:


Stage one involves the request for a Domino Servite College Enrolment Pack. This pack is available from the College website below, or as a hard copy by contacting the College Office. The Enrolment Pack provides all the information required to make an enrolment application, including the Domino Servite College Fee Schedule. A Domino Servite College Enrolment Application Form is to be completed and returned to the College with a $50 non-refundable deposit.


Stage two follows the successful acceptance of the Domino Servite College Enrolment Application Form by the College, and involves the completion of a Domino Servite College Agreement Form, which is to be accompanied by a $300, non-refundable, enrolment fee. Once this Agreement Form is in place a commencement date for the student to begin their enrolment at Domino Servite College will be indicated by the Principal.