The curriculum focus for the Junior Years (F-3) is to:

  • Impart an understanding of God’s greatness and goodness.

  • Develop awareness in students that each individual is a unique person who is created by God and of value to Him.

  • Create an appreciation for God’s Creation and a curiosity about the everyday environment in which students live.

  • Provide a positive and enjoyable introduction to the formal learning experience.

  • Provide a learning environment where students develop the skills and opportunities to be active learners who are engaged in the learning process.


The curriculum outcome for each student in the Junior Years (F-3) is to:

  • Develop respect for God, teachers, parents, fellow students and oneself.

  • Develop learning skills, attitudes and personal disciplines that will provide a basis for success throughout the learning experience at Domino Servite College and beyond.

  • Acquire the essential literacy and numeracy skills and knowledge to be an effective, self-motivated, independent learner.

  • Develop a sense of their own personal worth and importance to God and to others.

  • Develop the thinking skills to be a creative and critical thinker.

  • Discover their areas of interest, creativity and God-given abilities.

In Foundation to Year 3, students at Domino Servite College undertake a learning programme made up of:

  • Mathematics

  • English

  • Design Technology

  • Science

  • History and Social Studies

  • Health

  • Physical Education

  • Community Service

  • Art

  • Christian Studies

  • Choir/Music