Welcome to Domino Servite College. Educating young people is a multifaceted task and a shared responsibility. The task involves diverse learning areas and skill development, together with the personal, spiritual and academic development of each student according to their individual circumstances, interests and abilities. The shared responsibility involves parents and teachers working together to ensure that students can learn in a safe and supportive environment which allows them to flourish in their personal, spiritual and academic development.


At Domino Servite College, the school experience for students is shaped by Christian truths and values from the Bible, as the Word of God. This is because the spiritual grounding and growth of each student, from a Christian perspective, is central to the learning experience we provide for every Domino Servite College student. It is our desire to partner with parents who share with us in this spiritual outcome for their children.


After you have prayerfully considered the information about what Domino Servite College has to offer you and your family, you are invited to contact the College Office to arrange a visit to discuss your family’s educational needs.


We look forward to partnering with you to assist your child/children achieve their best educational outcomes and to encourage them towards obedience and faith in God.


Dr George Sears

Acting Principal